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Power Website Features and Benefits

You can have your own professional website without the huge cost of hiring developers.  Your Power Website includes everything you need to quickly launch a powerful internet website. You pay one low monthly hosting fee and get to utilize our software which cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to develop. Plus, you get FREE website hosting with the Power Website software!

Power Website Demo - This is an advanced website solution with a built-in administration interface designed for any individual or any size organization!

Whether you are new to the internet or an old pro you will appreciate the features found in a Power Website. 

List of Features

Here is a list highlighting the most important features of the Power Website. We do not apologize for this long list because our Power Website comes packed with all these features and much more. If you have any questions about any of the features, feel free to call our office so we can answer any question you may have.

  • General Overview


    • Entire website is search engine friendly using our exclusive PowerNetTM technology - all your web pages can be read and cataloged by search engines
    • Professionally designed website - upload background images, change the colors and fonts
    • Use our professional design or choose from hundreds of templates or create your own
    • Web-based Control Panel point-and-click interface that is extremely easy to use and navigate
    • Advanced built-in HTML editor - create, edit and upload content to your website instantly
    • FREE website hosting included with the Power Website software
    • Power Website runs on a MySQL database
    • Turnkey setup - No software to install - All you need is your web browser
    • Fast-loading pages that are displayed quickly for viewing
    • Integrated address book lets you keep contacts/suppliers names, addresses, phone number, websites and e-mail addresses handy
    • E-mail List Manager lets you e-mail all your opt-in customers instantly keeping your customers updated on new products and customers can opt-in or opt-out at any time
    • Use the Link Manager to create navigation to related websites, or create navigation to your own web pages. If you provide no links, this section vanishes completely
    • Optional Link Exchange Manager -  swap links to increase traffic to your website
    • Optional Hit Counter
    • Optional Banner Ads
    • Optional Classified Ads
    • Comprehensive Online Manual


  • Administrative Interface (Control Panel)


    • Setup Manager
      • Customize your site with your company information
      • You can change a variety of global website variables
      • Upload your own custom buttons or use ours
      • Customize your website -- colors, and fonts
      • Change your password and user name anytime
      • Add users and give them individual permissions in the administrative area (Control Panel)
    • Content Manager
      • Control content with page building and editing tools that anyone at any skill level can use
      • Online HTML editor lets you manage, create and upload content to your website
      • HTML editor works with Front Page Editor for more extensive edits
      • Create and edit your web pages instantly with the Page Manager
      • Upload HTML and other file types directly into your website (overwrite optional)
      • Add local or external navigation links to your website instantly
      • Upload and manage images for the web pages that you create with the Image Manager
      • Create and edit and update your own unique website header instantly
      • Create and edit and update your own unique website Home Pagae instantly
      • Create and edit and update your own unique website About Page instantly
      • Create and edit and update your own unique website Contact Page instantly
    • Email Manager
      • Manage your own built-in email list that you can use for your own Newsletter
      • Add, delete, edit and view users in your opt-in email list
      • View previously sent messages to your opt-in email list
    • Marketing Manager
      • Creat custom code for links and banners that affiliates and link partners can copy and paste on their websites
    • Exchange Manager
      • View, edit and delete Exchange Link partner information
      • All submitted Exchange Links are held in a pending area until approved
      • Create, edit and delete Exchange Link categories and subcategories up to ten levels
      • There is a quick link add form for administrators
      • You can add banners and images by pasting  in the HTML code
      • You can set up a custom page describing the details of your Exchange Link program
    • Website Email
      • You can check your web-based email accounts online (optional) or we can forward your email to another email address
    • Address Book
      • Add, edit and delete contacts/suppliers names, addresses, phone number, websites, e-mail
      • Contacts are sorted A to Z
      • You can add and view special notes with each contact
    • Online Manual
      • A complete comprehensive online manual included

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Our new servers run on the Linux OS platform. This means our websites run with 99.99% uptime. We know you will enjoy all the benefits.

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