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What is a Power Website?

All of our websites are dynamic database driven website applications designed especially for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Power Websites offer features and capabilities not possible with HTML alone. Power Websites are propriety software designed, built and engineered to provide the tools you need to build, edit, and manage a website without knowing programming yet at the same time be able to utilize the powerful tools that only a dynamic database driven website can offer. Plus all our solutions include hosting!

The Power Shop Cart is a unique on line shopping cart solution that will allow credit/debit card customers to purchase your products securely over the Internet. You can use our software to build your whole site - quick and easy. Using our HTML editor you will be able to design, instantly update and maintain all the web pages that you want to create. Plus, you can automatically upload your site, upload all your products/services, upload featured items, upload multiple images, automatically generate page links, and automatically generate sales and other business reports.


How much does it cost?

We do not sell any of our software. Instead you pay only one LOW monthly leasing fee and a modest one-time set up fee on the package of your choice. You can utilize the software as long as you pay the monthly fee. See our Demo/Pricing page for more information.


Can I use my own domain name (www.mydomain.com)?

Absolutely! We can transfer your name to our servers or we can give you the DNS information to update your domain record with your domain registrar. If you do not have a domain name we can register one for you at a very modest price.


How secure are your ecommerce shopping cart solutions?

Our ecommerce shopping cart solutions are extremely secure in every way. In fact, the Power Shop Cart and the Power Service Cart are both AuthorizeNet.com certified shopping carts. AuthorizeNet.com certification is only achieved after meeting their stringent requirements by passing several different security tests including an extensive evaluation of our security procedures.


Can I keep my website and still utilize your shopping cart solution?

Absolutely! All Power Websites are designed to seamlessly integrate with your website. Or we can integrate your website into our solution with little effort which is the recommended method as we offer free website hosting with all packages. Either way, we can get you up and running fast with the solution that best suits your needs.


Do I have to use your template or can I use my own custom look?

All Power Websites require a template. You can use our default template at no additional cost or you can design your own template and we can integrate it for an additional fee. We also have a wide variety of pre-built templates available at very reasonable prices and we can integrate any of them for an additional fee. Or we can design a custom template for an additional fee.


Do your ecommerce and catalog solutions offer multiple layouts?

Power Websites blow away the competition in overall design. You will be hard pressed to find a catalog or ecommerce shopping cart solution that has put more time into the overall design than we have. Our sites even offer multiple layouts you can change with the flip of a switch. Plus our catalogs and shopping carts will even support multiple images with each product!


Do I have to know HTML to use your websites?

It is not a requirement if you are able to use our built-in HTML editor. In a matter of minutes, Power Websites user-friendly, powerful interface will help you get your catalog up and running. No FTP. No HTML. If you can fill out a form, you can create a powerful on line shopping cart system on your website without the need to hire an expensive programmer or webmaster to help you maintain it. All Power Websites come with a built-in HTML editor (located in the administration area only) that will allow you to update any of your website pages instantly. The HTML editor requires Internet Explorer 5+ over Windows with Javascript enabled (for rich text editing) but you can use any other HTML browser (for HTML code editing).


Do I have to sign a contract to use your services?

No we do not use contracts. Companies only use contracts to keep your business locked up. But we believe that you will quickly find our products and services to be an exceptional value worth keeping.


Can I accept credit cards directly with your ecommerce shopping cart solutions?

Yes, but only if you have a merchant account and you are setup with a gateway. Our ecommerce solutions already support the AuthorizeNet gateway but we can also add any other gateway you may need! If you do not have a merchant account we can help. If you do not want a merchant account or you just want to save the money try using a third party solution like PayPal or 2Checkout which we also support.


I already have a merchant account will it work with your shopping carts?

It will work if your merchant services company is setup with an Internet gateway. Check with your merchant services company to see what gateways they support. Our ecommerce solutions already support the AuthorizeNet gateway but we can also add any other gateway you may need!


Do you charge an insertion fee for each item I add to my catalog?

No, we do not charge any insertion fees!


What is a "dynamic" website?

Power Websites are "dynamic" websites, not static. The word "Static" is used to describe a website where it is not easy to update the content. While "Dynamic" websites keep information in a database that can constantly update your website. A database-driven website is a far superior way to communicate up-to-date information to your website visitors. Successful websites utilize the powerful features found only in dynamic websites.


Can you afford a dynamic database-driven website?

The answer to that question for the majority of us would be a big resounding NO! Professional web development companies, in addition to costly software fees, most often charge upward of $75.00 an hour for custom development making a dynamic website cost prohibitive to most small business. A well done, fully functional website with features like the ones found in Power Websites could easily cost $250,000 dollars or more to develop and support.


Do I have to know programming to use your website solutions?

Check out our shopping cart solution! We have made our powerful, dynamic websites available for use to individuals and businesses when you host your website with our company. Our software is propriety, and we never give out our code, but you can do everything you need through our powerful administrative interface. You will never have to understand website development or be software savvy to use our website interface. You can design all your web pages through our HTML Web Editor, which means that you do not even have to know HTML, although it would be an advantage if you do. We call this value-added hosting.


How can we offer such a great deal?

PowerWebsites.com subscribers simply pay a monthly leasing fee for the package of their choice, when pooled together with other clients creates enough revenue for our professional developers to keep adding new exciting dynamic features. Plus, we have a variety of professional looking website templates available for all our subscribers that we can integrate for an additional cost. Or, you can design your own and incorporate into your website using our built-in page building features.

Instead of paying many thousands of dollars to have a custom shopping cart solution developed you can enjoy all the benefits and features of an expensive, dynamic website, for one LOW monthly fee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by ordering a Power Website today! There are no contracts. All Power Websites are on a month-to-month basis only and we do not sell our software.




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Discount Rate:  2.29%
Statement Fee: $10.00
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One-Time Setup: $99.00
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