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Top 15 Features You Get with our Shopping Carts

Use our ecommerce shopping cart, and you will have one of the most powerful and professional shopping carts available on the Internet today. The Power Shop Cart and Power Service Cart come with hundreds of built in features that would have cost you $350,000. U.S. dollars to have developed. Plus you get shopping cart software.

  1.  You get an ecommerce shopping cart that has been uniquely designed for complete search engine optimization. Today you can almost count on one hand the number of shopping carts on the Internet that are optimized for search engines. Using a shopping cart that is NOT optimized could cost you extensive amounts of free traffic for your business. For more information see Ecommerce Shopping Cart & Search Engine Optinzation.

  2. You get a shopping cart that is certified with AuthorizeNet. Powerwebsites achieved certification for their shopping carts with Authorize.Net only after passing extensive tests and security procedures, meeting stringent standards and proving that our solutions are extremely secure. From the hundreds of Internet shopping carts on the market today, only a small handful of these have been AuthorizeNet certified.

  3. You get a professionally designed shopping cart with multiple layouts. A poorly designed shopping cart or website can be all it takes to kill a sale. People want to do business with a professional.

  4. You get quick and easy navigation with the user-friendly control panel. No need to spend hours pulling your hair out while trying to figure out how to use your new store. Anyone can master our control panel in just a few clicks because it is setup like a computer desktop with icons.

  5. You get an advanced built-in HTML editor that lets you to build and update website content instantly. Today most Internet shopping carts and website solutions available do not have this advanced technology.

  6. You get a shopping cart that comes with a customer login area. In the customer area your clients will be able to view their order history. Update their customer account information. Download any digital products that they have purchased.

  7. You get a shopping cart that supports multiple images and optional video for each product. With this unique feature you have the ability to display your products in a whole new dimension. Display multiple views of any product.

  8. You get the highest security and encryption possible with an Internet shopping cart. You can rest with ease knowing that all your vital data is backed up and stored in an encrypted format with our own exclusive technology. powerwebsites.com also provides a secure SSL connection with every shopping cart.

  9. You have the option of downloading your sales directly into QuickBooks, Quicken, MS Money and more. This tool will allow you to save time running your on line business by downloading all your sales directly into your accounting software.

  10. All our shopping carts can work with FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service. As an advanced feature we can setup for you the shipper(s) of your choice then you can allow your clients to select their preferred shipping method of choice from the methods you wish to use. For more infomation call our office today.

  11.   You have the option of using our exclusive reciprocating exchange link manager. You can use this feature combined with linkpartners.com to build and maintain an effective link swapping campaign, which in turn can help your standings in search engines like Google. Go to linksmanager.com and you will pay $19.95 per month for this advanced feature.

  12.   You have the option of using our exclusive wholesale management system. With this feature you can offer wholesale and membership pricing to your clients. All our shopping carts also have a feature for volume discounts.

  13.   You have the option of using our exclusive affiliate management system. With this feature you can manage an effective affiliate program directly from your own store. Services providing the same feature can cost hundreds of dollars and/or high monthly fees.

  14.  You get free website hosting included with all our shopping cart and website solutions. You not only get a shopping cart with powerwebsites.com but you also get free website hosting. Why pay for a shopping cart and a website when you can have BOTH for ONE price? powerwebsites can save you money with our complete service!

  15. And much, much more...

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