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Sign up with confidence. Here are a few testimonials from our clients. Look at what people are saying about PowerWebsites.com and our  customer service.

"Guys: The Online Shopping Cart program is awesome! Easy to set up, and when I did have questions, the customer service was great. Thanks!"  

Andrew Boucher, - National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology 


 “LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Powerwebsites IS your ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!! The most patience, #1 customer service that you will ever find. Not to mention making you feel very calm and at ease if you are unfamiliar with website set-up. THIS WILL BE YOUR WEBSITE HOME!!!!!!


They make your business their own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Powerwebsites---THANK YOU for your kind heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
All the best, 
Veree Shaw, Webmaster - Texoma Golf


"While many business only offer high speed and high-tech, PowerWebsites.com provides both along with High Touch. We've found Powerwebsites' customer service to be second to none."

Frederick Scott, Jr., Pesident - Starbase Communications


"I wanted to send along a quick note of thanks for the amazing transformation of our internet shopping cart. Our new shopping cart is in a word – fantastic. It looks very professional and the feature set that your company offers for expansion is unlimited. The time and effort you spent training us was very much appreciated leaving us with a much better understanding of how the HTML world actually works! 

It was indeed a fortunate day that we decided to change clearing houses. We emailed and called our former website shopping cart company 10 days ago for assistance in changing from one gateway to another. After three emails and two phone calls we still have not received the courtesy of a reply! One call to PowerWebsites.com was all it took. We were live the same day and the feedback from our customers has been very complimentary. 

Thanks for all that you did – above and beyond the call – to help us out with the custom programming that you did. Your very reasonable charges were well worth the investment. Finally, thank you for supporting your shopping cart by phone. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it has been to want to make a change, find the time to spend on getting the change done, and then not get a response to our email."  

Peter T. Anderson, CEO - Anderson Insurance Services, Inc.


"A gentleman named Richard asked one of our clients what they thought about their website. Our client then sent us a copy of the email.

No bother at all Richard, yes we use Powerwebsites shopping carts – perhaps the #1 benefit is you can call and talk with a real person all the time which has much knowledge in this technology area – no other cart company we can find is like that – at best they talk to you to sell you and in many cases the software designers are in some other country. From custom code to simple updates – we get them all. The 2nd best part of Powerwebsites is the fact the cart is so simple both for our clients and our own use, yet so powerful, even more is we really get listened to in new designs or updates!

Another great thing is you always know what is going on and they are very honest people at powerwebsites, so many companies don’t tell you the truth or even tell you at all.

I’ve had spam companies wanting to sell me reports on all the lost money we’ve had due to our website being down so much and their tools will tell us about outages – what is so neat is the fact I say please give me some samples, in ALL cases we have had 100% up time on these reports (guess I’m not their target client after all) – care and much thought went into everything from software, hardware and back-bone design to run our site!

As a computer company, the single best feature you will find is that you can have your very own systems builder form where your clients can build custom PC’s from your products.

I hope this helps, if you have any direct question – please do hesitate to ask me. There is so much to cover in making a move like this and I know you would be happy at powerwebsites... "  

James Hughes, CEO - Citrus Micro, LLC


"To William and the entire PowerWebsites staff,

OK. All I can say is “Wow!” Your software is brilliant, and customer support is even better. I spent the better part of last week searching for the right shopping cart for my e-commerce business, www.vitasunn.co.uk and after an exhaustive evaluation of over 70 providers, powerwebsites’ powercurrencycart was the clear winner.

Easy customization, security features, and a huge list of features make your service the only choice for anybody at any skill level who wants to sell a product or service online without the “geek-o-sphere” challenges that usually plague packaged solutions like these.

Then to find out that powerwebsites would provide full-service hosting for our website at no extra charge was just too much.

After a short session of , get this: TELEPHONE training with a human being, as in a live person, I was building and deploying my site.

I actually spent more time shopping for my cart/hosting solution than I did on site construction!

I look forward to using powerwebsites for all my net businesses.

You have a customer for life!"

Thanks again,

David Carpini, CEO - VitaSunn.co.uk 


"Really like the look and feel of your shopping cart!!! As you will see I already have items up and listed for sale!

Thomas Taylor, Vice President - Renaissance Associates, Inc.


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