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Item ID Product Price Purchase
WillCallPickup01 Will Call Pickup USD $3.00
WSM01 Wholesale Manager USD $3.00
VPT Virtual Payment Terminal USD $3.00
UPG-5.5 Upgrade 5.5 USD $99.95
SHIP-USPS USPS Shipping USD $5.00
SHIP-UPS UPS Shipping USD $5.00
TicketManager01 Ticket Management System USD $3.00
PSEUP01 Standard Service Upgrade Monthly USD $10.00
SHIP-FEE Shipping Setup Fee USD $99.95
RCD-01 Returning Customer Discounts USD $3.00
MinPurchase-01 Require a Minimum Purchase USD $3.00
PGC=01 Promotional Codes and Gift Certificates USD $3.00
PPL-01 Price List that can be Printed USD $3.00
PSSUP03 Premium Service Upgrade Monthly USD $20.00
PSEUP03 Premium Service Upgrade Monthly USD $30.00
PSAUP03 Premium Service Upgrade Monthly USD $10.00
MIV-01 Multi-Image Viewer USD $3.00
MonthlyFee1 Monthly Hosting Fee USD $29.99
MonthlyFee2 Monthly Hosting Fee USD $39.95
MonthlyFee0 Monthly Hosting Fee USD $19.99
MAS-01 Merchant Account Setup Fee USD $99.95
VIDEO-01 Integrated Video Manager USD $3.00
HITCT01 Hit Counter USD $3.00
SHP-FEDEX FEDEX Shipping USD $5.00
ELP01 Exchange Link Program USD $3.00
EmailManager-01 Email Newsletter Manager USD $3.00
DNSF Domain Name Setup Fee USD $95.00
DNRF-2 Domain Name Registration Fee - 2 Yr USD $50.00
DNRF-1 Domain Name Registration Fee - 1 Yr USD $35.00
DLPS-01 Display List Pricing and Savings USD $3.00
DDMFILE01 Digital Download Manager USD $3.00
DSNHR Custom Design Rates USD $150.00
CALENDAR Calendar USD $3.00
Bill_Later-01 Bill Me Later Option USD $3.00
AF01 Affiliate Program USD $3.00
PSSUP02 Advanced Service Upgrade Monthly USD $10.00
PSEUP02 Advanced Service Upgrade Monthly USD $20.00
AFF-01 Advanced Product Form Fields USD $3.00
ADDTRK-01 Ad Tracking USD $3.00
ACCT01 Accounting Download Manager USD $3.00
BW01 1 GB of Bandwidth USD $7.95
HDS01 1 GB Hard Disk Space USD $5.00

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