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We can help one another succeed on the Internet

Link with us to help increase your visibility on the Internet and increase your website traffic!

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 Building Power WebsitesTM

What is the Link Exchange Program?

Power Service Cart Link Exchange Program is a categorized directory of quality websites that trade reciprocal links with our web site. Also called link swapping and reciprocal linking, it is a great way to add visibility to search engines and increase traffic to your website.

Adding links pages with our Link Exchange Program can add valuable content to your web site. Reciprocal links are being called "a great way to increase your web site traffic."

How does it work?

We only accept links with qualified traffic from websites that meet our terms and our code of ethics. Simply read the terms below, and if you agree, browse our categories and complete the form to initiate link swaps with our site.

Terms and Requirements

Only quality sites with good linking strategy that actively exchange links are included in our Link Exchange Program. A human Editor reviews each website listed to assure compliance with our code of ethics.

Code of Ethics

  • Only quality websites that actively swaps links with our website can be listed in our Link Exchange Program.
  • No adult or gaming web sites allowed, nor any website with questionable content for families and children.
  • Power Service Cart is search engine friendly, therefore we do not promote or accept link partners who run free-for-all links pages, banner or link farms, or other junk sites.
  • You are responsible for adding and maintaining an active Power Service Cart link on your website.
  • Our link must always be visible on the page on your web site where it can be easily found by our editors.
  • Each website listed is subject to review by a human editor for compliance with our code of ethics.
  • If at any time we do not find your reciprocating link to our site, we will drop your link off our Link Exchange list.

How do I sign up?

Go to our home page and click on the "Link Partner" link found on the left side menu. You will be taken to a page where you can click on a link for new link partners.  Fill out the form and then you will be given instructions on how to log in to your link partner account. There you will find a selection of custom links to place on your website. Place the link of your choice on your website and watch for traffic on your website!








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